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Shinera Jewelry Blog is a solutions-oriented manufacturer focused on sharing all knowledge and expertise with customers to be able to source quality goods and provide the best possible shopping experience for Shinera Jewelry Blog users and to make jewelry shine to their best in every environment. To promote the imaginative and enjoyable side of accessorizing, our jewelry blog includes fashion trends, advice, wholesale jewelry, insights, and ideas from top authorities in jewelry marketing, jewelry stock selection, jewelry styling, gift guide, and more.

Different types of earrings

Earrings are a fantastic way to enhance the beauty and flair of any outfit. However, jewelry lovers have various preferences since each earring's designs possess different styles and appearances. Have all of the jewelers already known prominent types of earrings to satisfy your customers? Follow us ...
Jenny Wednesday 16 November, 2022
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How to distinguish real and fake pearls

Pearls are known as the "Queen of jades", which are pure, gentle, luxurious and also mysterious. Pearls have been favored in jewelry making for an extremely long time through many development eras of human beings. However, along with the improvement of technology, pearls are now counterfeited to ben...
Jenny Thursday 03 November, 2022
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Ideas for personalized jewelry

Among those available jewellery, many people prefer personalized one with unique and special designs that express their own style as well as individuality. Especially, when it comes to finding perfect gifts, there’s nothing like a personal touch and a touch of sterling silver for that matter. ...
Jenny Monday 31 October, 2022
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