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We take pride in crafting top quality work at affordable price

The combination of Vietnam's highly skilled and well-trained workers and Singapore's professional management and updated technology enables us to provide our clients with top-notch services and beautiful quality jewelry at reasonable prices.

We single-mindedly focus on manufacturing the fine and demi-fine sterling silver & gold-plated silver jewelry with the exact same standards as gold & platinum pieces. Each piece finished, each stone set by hand to a fine jewelry standard with no shortcuts.

Our specialty lies in the minor finish, the most beautiful and lustrous of all that can only be done by hands. The high mirror finish takes the most work especially for silver, but it’s what makes exceptional fine jewelry.

We provide end-to-end services for jewelry designers, labels and retailers, including private label manufacturing, jewelry design services, prototypes development, packaging, product photoshoot, and dropshipping. To us, each client is more than just a client, but a partner. Our lean structure with dedicated service coordinators to each account enables us to work collaboratively with you from the very beginning to full-scale production.

Whether you need help creating your debut collection or production solution for your long-established brand, we are here to help you grow your business and in turn, grow with you. We are proud to be a quality, sustainable yet affordable supplier for our clients, in more than 10 countries, including the USA, UK, Singapore, Austria, Australia and Germany.

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Exquisitely Handcrafted in Vietnam

While Shinera’s management team is based in Singapore, we have production facilities in Vietnam, one of Asia's largest economies and is quickly becoming the 2nd largest manufacturing hub on the continent after China. Vietnam's low cost, vast labor force, convenient location, and political stability make for an excellent location for labor intensive manufacturing. As such, the world's top names in fashion are moving to Vietnam for production.

We are proud to say that every piece of our jewelry is individually and manually crafted by the top local artisans in Vietnam. Just like Thailand, Vietnam is a major world jewelry manufacturer. Thanks to our long tradition of jewelry making, craftsmen in Vietnam exhibit exceptional precision, talent, and attention to detail.

From hand-sculpting the master molds, soldering individual elements together, hand-setting stones, personalizing each piece to customer's order, and hand-finished, every step in our jewelry process is examined and touched by a human with a set of skills that have been passed down through generations. In fact, many of our artisans are related, uncle and nephew, first and second cousins of families of silver craftsmen.

This is the level of expertise required to drive the high standard of hand-craftsmanship and quality behind every Shinera piece.

Our Production & Techniques

We are also constantly integrating new products, as well as actively investing in R&D and new technologies. At Shinera, we are proud of being extremely open-minded and are always opening to new suggestions and ideas in order to continuously improve the way we operate. We believe our path is crossed by input coming in from all parts of the world, from Europe to Australia, which really enables us to know exactly what is trending and in demand.

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We take pride in our specially researched long-lasting gold and rhodium plating. We use recycled and eco-friendly materials.

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We offer a variety of options, including raw finish, tumble finish, matte finish, or mirror finish (our specialty).

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Stone setting

Our experienced stone setters hand-set every stone, from classic prong to invisible setting - the most difficult but exquisite setting method.

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Laser engraving

We also offer high quality laser engraving of your intricate text, image or design on either flat or curved surfaces. The design can be personalized to each and every piece.

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Laser cutting

We use laser machines to cut flat metal sheets to your design of choice (think monograms, name necklaces, pendants, and just about any intricate patterns).

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We always carve or retouch mold by hand to make sure every single detail on your design is captured.