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At Shinera, every 4 months, we publish a new catalogue curated for our buyers based on trend research through trade magazines, fashion blogs/websites, social media and our own database of trendsetters.

We do not keep stock of products with everything in our inventory is made to order. This means we can listen to demand and thus avoid the excess product from being created causing unnecessary stock.

The Process

Choose from our catalogue
Customers can order from our extensive catalogue of trendy jewelry designs, specially curated by our design and market research team.
Modify designs (if needed)

Make tweaks from our existing designs to ensure originality. We can add a logo charm or engrave/stamp your logo onto the jewelry to enhance your branding.

Note that major tweaks or changes, especially if you require a sample to be made and sent to you, will require 2-5 weeks.

Choose whether you'll need our dropshipping services, photography or packaging services

We understand the challenges of a small brand. Your success is ours - that's why we provide the whole suite of A-Z services that will eliminate all the struggles of a small brand.

See more info on our add-on services below.

Select a design, place an order and have the order in your hands or your customers' within 2 weeks.

It's that simple.