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We can fulfill personalized jewelry orders in 2 weeks.

Remember the Carrie name necklace from HBO’s Sex and the City? Since then, from Beyoncé to Bella Hadid, the most followed in fashion have been spotted wearing jewelry personalized with names, initials, or star signs of their loved ones, and so on. Personalized jewelry sells exceptionally well as gifts.

We are proud of our unique expertise in personalized jewelry - we understand this market and its designs and intent exceptionally well. This line of products works exceptionally well when coupled with our dropshipping programme.

With laser cutting and engraving machines, we can produce and ship personalized pieces within just 07 days from order confirmation. We have an extensive catalog of over 1000 tested-and-tried designs in:

Creating your own line of personalized jewelry?
We will partner with you to handle everything from design to production and order fulfillment.