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Our Missions

We aim to eliminate the negative environmental and social impacts in jewelry manufacturing while maintaining our level of design and quality of product.

Our Goals

Our goal is to become your strategic and reliable key supplier of sustainable quality jewelry.

Our Values

Below are Shinera’s core values which reflect our commitment to being a trusted supplier and making a positive impact on communities:

  1. Efficient and clear communication.
  2. Superb quality.
  3. Transparency: we understand that being transparent is more important than being perfect. You will be the first to know the most updated and accurate information and development in your project with us.
  4. Customer First: Your success is ours. Our goal is to be your partner, who understands and prioritises your needs and concerns. We always try to deliver your goals in the most effective way possible as if they were ours.
  5. Sustainable and ethical in every aspect.
  6. Innovation: We constantly learn, make changes and innovate within our organization.

Our Ethics

Shinera has built its business on a foundation of reliability and integrity:

  1. Committed to a culture of ethics and compliance in which we conduct our global business with integrity and following applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Safe & fair dealing, both within the organization and toward our supplier and customers.
  3. Protection of your intellectual property, personal data and confidential information.