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Shinera Jewelry Blog is a solutions-oriented manufacturer focused on sharing all knowledge and expertise with customers to be able to source quality goods and provide the best possible shopping experience for Shinera Jewelry Blog users and to make jewelry shine to their best in every environment. To promote the imaginative and enjoyable side of accessorizing, our jewelry blog includes fashion trends, advice, wholesale jewelry, insights, and ideas from top authorities in jewelry marketing, jewelry stock selection, jewelry styling, gift guide, and more.

How sterling silver jewelry is made

Crafting sterling silver jewelry is not a simple process. It requires time, attention to detail, professional skills and specialized tools in order to achieve the desired results. Read on to learn more about the essential stages behind crafting stunning pieces of sterling silver jewelry! ...
Jenny Tuesday 21 March, 2023
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How to spot fake sterling silver jewelry

Among numerous types of jewelry, sterling silver jewelry is considered as an affordable but gorgeous and wonderful accessory for every jeweler. Therefore it is included in the product category of multitude jewelry brands. However, some beginners in this industry seem to lack experience about sterlin...
Jenny Friday 24 February, 2023
tags: fake jewelry
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Why Texture Orgarnic Jewelry become a trend?

Texture organic jewelry has been on the rise in recent years, with more and more brands and designers incorporating it into their collections. But why has it become so popular? Here are a few reasons why texture organic jewelry is having a moment....
Jenny Thursday 05 January, 2023
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