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Published on November 2022

Common kinds of bracelet

Bracelets are common pieces of jewelry that have remained trending since the dawn of humanity. There are so many varieties of bracelets on the market now, but not all jewelers know about fundamental types. So, if you don’t have any ideas for your new bracelet catalogs, this article will give you som...
Jenny Tuesday 29 November, 2022
tags: bracelet
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Birthstones: A special personalized jewelry

In recent times, personalized jewelry is very popular for special occasions. As a result, many brands have intention to add these types of jewelry, especially birthstone jewelry to their product portfolio. Let’s have a quick guide to stone corresponding to each month of birth to make your own person...
Jenny Thursday 24 November, 2022
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An ultimate guide to different types of gemstone shape

Among jewelry, those with gemstones possess a brilliant and gorgeous beauty that are favored by numerous jewelers. According to jewelry experts, gemstone cut is one of the important characteristics that likely play the most crucial part in the aesthetics of a stone and a jewelry as well. Therefore, ...
Jenny Monday 21 November, 2022
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Different types of earrings

Earrings are a fantastic way to enhance the beauty and flair of any outfit. However, jewelry lovers have various preferences since each earring's designs possess different styles and appearances. Have all of the jewelers already known prominent types of earrings to satisfy your customers? Follow us ...
Jenny Wednesday 16 November, 2022
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How to distinguish real and fake pearls

Pearls are known as the "Queen of jades", which are pure, gentle, luxurious and also mysterious. Pearls have been favored in jewelry making for an extremely long time through many development eras of human beings. However, along with the improvement of technology, pearls are now counterfeited to ben...
Jenny Thursday 03 November, 2022
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