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There are different sorts of necklace chains, but the jeweler retailer must be aware of the styles of these types of necklace chains to decide which would fit your customer's needs

In order to hang a heavier pendant from the chain, which chain links are the strongest? Which chains, when worn alone and without a pendant hanging from them, look great? In a necklace chain, what kind of chain links do men prefer? 

These inquiries come up regularly in the store, so we wanted to address them all and show you the fantastic selection of chains that are offered in this comprehensive guide to the various necklace chain links. 

What is necklace chain? 

A chain is a collection of elements that form an ongoing, linear sequence. Chains can be strong, delicate, heavy, or light, and they can be made of iron, steel, silver, or gold. Chains are used for ship anchors and necklaces. The numerous different types of necklace chains neatly represent how a chain denotes an unbreakable link. 

There are many different types of necklace chains; some are standout pieces, while others work well with pendants. In their early days, when they were used as strong and practical alternatives to rope, chains were probably thought of as revolutionary technical advancements. Smaller chains were used for simpler tasks like bringing a water pail from a well. On the other side, bigger ones were used to practice anchor casting. 

The incorporation of chains into jewelry happened quickly. Although the majority of modern patterns are produced by technology, chain links may still be fashioned by hand. Although they can also be seen as bracelets and earrings, chains are most frequently worn as necklaces. Over time, people have created a broad variety of links and combinations to numerous fashion trends. 

The importance of necklace chain 

There are many different shapes and styles of chains. Although several metals may be used to create chains, silver, gold, platinum, or steel are the most popular. Both basic and sophisticated jewelry chains are possible; some just require a single strand of links, while others join strands to create longer-lasting items. These numerous types of necklace chains provide differing levels of support and may be altered to match different occasions or trends. 

Top 10 most popular necklace chain 

Anchor chain 

An anchor chain secures vessels to port safely and has, as its name suggests, a nautical appearance similar to the chains spotted at dockyards. The oval chain links are occasionally cut with a straight edge. The Mariner chain is another name for the anchor chain. 

Men choose this chain because it complements a heavier style, sits flat against the skin, and looks great worn alone. 

The trace chain, which is considerably finer, and a belcher chain, which contains circular links, are comparable chains. 

Ball chain 

A ball chain, also known as a bead chain, is composed of tiny polished balls of metal (silver, gold, or steel), each of which has a tiny hole in it for the straight connecting pin to pass through. The balls are close together and evenly spaced apart. 

Men also like these chains very well. The reason why you find so many men's dog tag pendants dangling from a ball chain is because the military used to wear their Identifying Tags (also known as dog tags) from ball chains. These chains look beautiful when worn alone or when paired with a pendant like a dog tag.

Rolo chain 

The belcher chain, which is also quite popular, is formed of interlocking rings that are round in shape. Also known as the Rolo chain (the word "rolo" is Italian for "round") Before being fashioned into circles, these chains begin as D-links. There are several thicknesses available. 

When worn alone or with a pendant, men prefer the thicker belcher chains. Since they look beautiful without taking away from the pendant, finer belcher chains are frequently used with pendants. 

Box chain 

Box chains, sometimes called "Venetian chains," are made of overlapping squares that give the appearance of a cube. 

These chains are known for being durable and pleasing, and they are smooth and robust. In order to make them last longer, they may also be easily fixed by removing broken links and replacing them. Similar to rope chains, box chains look great with pendants and when worn alone in layers. 

Rope chain


A lot of links are required for the intricate design of rope chains. A rope-like pattern is created by connecting each link to one or more other connections. A gorgeous shine is produced by the swirling effect of the connected connections. 

Due to the quantity of links used, rope chains can even provide a stunning mixed metals look. Larger variants of rope chains look magnificent on their own, while smaller ones can be embellished with a pendant or gemstone. 

Snake chain 

When they move and shimmer, snake chains resemble real snakes. There is almost any space between the interlocking, curved plates that make them up. These links produce a wonderfully smooth, coherent chain that looks well in both casual and dressier settings since they are so close together. 

Although they don't tangle very readily, these chains are also a touch delicate, so wear them with care. Snake chains are a fantastic option for layered patterns and go nicely with pendants. 

Curb chain 

The most recognizable chain and ideal for everyday use. A curb chain never takes away from the intricate design of the pendant, is sturdy, and looks beautiful with or without a pendant. From the thinnest chain to heavy-weight men's chains, curb chains are available in a wide range of weights and thicknesses. It is gorgeously malleable and won't kink or break easily. 

For any length and in a thin or thick chain, a curb chain is ideal for both men and women. 

Figaro chain 

The Figaro chain is a conventional yet dynamic design for people who want a powerful appearance. Figaro chains typically consist of three to five small, round or oval links joined by larger links. The end product is a novel interpretation of the curb chain, and the links lay flat for a neat appearance. 

Figaro chains may be repaired by a professional jeweler and are just as resilient as cable chains. They offer an increased aesthetic for people seeking a more polished look, and can be worn alone or possibly with pendants. 

Spiga chain 

Spiga chains are constructed from oval pieces that are twisted to resemble braided rope. As a result, the chain is made of strong links that are tightly connected to one another. However, because of their strength and stiffness, they are difficult for jewelers to repair. 

Because the diagonal pattern created by the oval links resembles the tip of a wheat stalk, spiga chains are also known as wheat chains. 

Byzantine chain 

The intricate and beautiful Byzantine necklace pays respect to the Byzantine Empire. The very durable chain that results from this intricate yet flexible pattern's interconnecting groups of round or oval rings is achieved. 

These chains must be submitted to a skilled jeweler since they are challenging to repair. Byzantine chains might be flat, spherical, or graded, with the thicker part located closer to the center. They look great on their alone but don't go well with pendants.

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