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The materials you will employ, namely the metals and stones, are among the most crucial factors to take into account when it comes to bringing your jewelry ideas to reality. In fact, the type of metal you select - from fashion to fine jewelry - can actually determine where you fit into the jewelry industry. Therefore, it's crucial to comprehend the worth, quality, and position of each metal while comparing brass, silver, and gold in the wider jewelry industry. By doing this, you can be sure to select the metal that best suits your needs in terms of price, brand alignment, and consumer appeal.

Brass Jewelry

Value: Brass is the least expensive of the three basic metals in terms of price. If appearances are your customers' primary concern, brass is a perfect choice for making the same brilliant platinum and gold-plated designer rings at a much cheaper price range since it is used as the base metal before being electroplated in real 14K, 18K gold, and Rhodium.

Maintenance: Brass is more durable than sterling silver. Jewelry made of brass, however, cannot be worn frequently due to oxidation. Brass oxidizes when it comes into contact with airborne sulfur. When not in use, brass jewelry should be kept in pouches.

Brass rings on sweaty fingers on a night out may turn your customer's fingers green if they use salts or hand lotions, or if you have acidic skin. With a little upkeep, there are a number of techniques you can advise your customers to prevent oxidation, including coating the interior of your rings with polymer barrier or nail polish, storing your jewelry correctly, avoiding taking showers while wearing jewelry, and only putting on rings when hands are dry.

Design: The stunning yellow plating immediately appeals to the eye. Your customer may create all kinds of beautiful patterns out of brass, thus they can discover lots of brass rings among quick fashion accessories at affordable prices.

Skin sensitive: Some folks discover that brass irritates them. If people frequently get a rash after wearing brass or frequently develop green fingers as a result of acidic skin or environmental factors (even from high-end designer jewelry made of brass!), choose sterling silver or stainless steel instead.

Jewelry with a brass base is more suitable for sporadic use. Customers who purchase brass items may discover that only sweaty fingers turn green when wearing bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings since our wrists, necks, and ears are less exposed to moisture, preventing oxidizing. Therefore, if your customers are not sensitive to copper, you should advise they surely get the brass base tennis bracelet they've had your eye on.

Gold Jewelry

Value: gold is part of the fine jewelry category and because there is so much value around gold, it can prove to be a great investment for both you and your customers. Their price can be much higher than brass or sterling silver jewelry and is more suitable for the higher class.

Design: Urban culture has influenced many gold pieces, making it a premium material for jewelry worn as streetwear. There are several custom-made designs that blend well with the hip-hop way of life, including gold chains, watches, bracelets, earrings, and more. Many well-known hip-hop musicians used gold chains and other jewelry in the genre's early years to denote their success and commemorate significant career milestones.

Today, people can get a variety of gold chains that won't break the bank and witness a lot of celebrities sporting comparable accessories.

Maintenance: Overall, gold jewelry needs less upkeep and care than brass or silver jewelry to keep its charm. Gold jewelry can keep its appearance for centuries because gold is a durable metal.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a combination of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper to create sterling silver to increase its strength (hence the term 925 sterling silver). Sterling silver is a valuable metal with real worth due to its high silver content.

Value: Sterling silver rivals the look of pure gold and platinum thanks to its lovely brilliance, delicate sheen, and smooth surface. Even the periodic table has a spot for sterling silver! In addition to wedding and engagement rings, a sizable portion of our jewelry is midrange.

By electroplating precious metals (we use 14K gold and the highly rare Rhodium) over 925 sterling silver, it is possible to obtain all the advantages of precious metal without having to pay the highest prices associated with solid gold or solid platinum jewelry. affordable.

Design: Sterling silver is a very popular choice for exquisite handcrafted jewelry meant to dazzle due to its value, amazing look, and ability to be shaped into spectacular designs. As a result, many jewelers opt to use 925 sterling silver to create rings, bracelets, and necklaces. metal without the highest price tags associated with jewelry made of pure gold or pure platinum. affordable.

Skin sensitivity: Of the three metals, sterling silver is the purest due to its high silver content and low copper content. Those who are sensitive to specific types of metal, such as brass, typically discover they can wear 925 sterling silver since you always know precisely what you're getting.

Maintenance: To keep sterling silver jewelry in top shape, customers will eventually need to clean it using silver polish or a polishing cloth. Additionally, avoid wearing sterling silver jewelry in the bathroom since it can quickly lose its luster if your customer take a shower or bath while wearing it. Take good care of your sterling silver jewelry since repeated blows to the head can change its form or harm the most delicate details.

Check out our blog "Things you may not know about sterling silver" to get more interesting facts about sterling silver.

What should jewelers choose?

Finally, there is no correct or incorrect response! Each material has its own set of distinct properties that may fit one person's fashion and lifestyle better than another. The most important question to ask oneself is, "What do my customers want it for?"

If your customers are people who don't want to spend the additional money on something that will last longer and are searching for a distinctive item to spice up specific ensembles, then Brass is perfect!

Or if your customers are looking for luxury and precious jewelry that can last for centuries but still keep its valuation then gold jewelry is not a bad idea.

If your customers are searching for a piece that will last and may be worn frequently to add some shine and elegance to your weekend ensembles, we recommend sterling silver.

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