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Pearl jewelry is always favored by many customers because of its elegant, opulent and exquisite beauty. From pearl necklaces to pearl earrings, to pearl bracelets or rings, pearls are the most well-known among most gems. Although in ancient eras, pearls were declared as symbols of power and nobility, they have now spread and are used on a larger scale due to the development of technology and human intervention. So why are pearls so luxurious and what changes have they undergone? All will be illustrated in this article.

Where do pearls come from?

This gleaming organic diamond is generated within the shells of mollusks such as oysters and mussels when a little bit of sand enters into the mollusk. Nacre, a bright and lustrous substance, is released around the object to preserve the creature's fragile inside surface. A pearl is generated when a particle of sand is coated and covered with nacre. Pearls are the only gem created by a living being. They are one of the few natural gemstones that do not require cutting or polishing.

A long history of Pearls

No one knows exactly when pearls first appeared, people only know that this species existed before the history was recorded. The earliest piece of pearl jewelry ever unearthed was discovered in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess in 520 BC. This means that people have worn pearls as jewelry millennia ago. 

The peak period of pearls was probably in the 15th and 16th centuries when this was even called "Pearls age”. At this time, the demand for pearl jewelry escalated among European noble and royal.  

The development of technology

Before the 20th century, pearls were mined mainly by scavenging. Usually about 3 tons of mussels are caught, only about 3 to 4 for perfect pearls. The work of finding pearls is very dangerous, the amount of exploitation is not much, so pearls are very expensive and rare. Today, with modern technology, people have been able to cultivate pearls themselves and pearls have become viral worldwide. A mussel will be implanted with a foreign object in the genitals to create a jade catalyst

Classification of pearls

Based on the habitat, pearls are divided into two types. They are freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls (also known as sea pearls). Based on the process of creating pearls, pearls are divided into 3 types: natural pearls, cultured pearls and imitation pearls. 

Formation of cultured pearls are similar to natural pearls; their appearance is quite similar and difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Freshwater pearls are easy to culture, so they are often chosen to grow and create the desired pearl shapes. This type of pearl is not shiny and has more iridescent veins than saltwater pearls. But there are many natural colors such as: white, black, yellow, cream, pink, blue, brown… Possessing rich and diverse colors, freshwater pearls are often used in fashion jewelry. The price is also quite cheap, suitable for the pocket of consumers

Through the article, hopefully Shinera Jewelry has brought useful and fundamental information to help you have an overview of pearls. And if you're looking for low-cost wholesale genuine freshwater pearl jewelry, you've come to the right place. Contact us to check out some beautiful pearl jewelry designs. 

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