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Every manufacturing stage is given careful attention and mold-making is such a particularly delicate process. As a result, correctly made and cut mold is the key component in jewelry production process. Follow us to investigate the most appropriate choice of mold for your jewelry brands.

Rubber mold

Natural rubber is the first kind of moldable material you can employ. Rubber mold is the most affordable and is ideal for people on a tight budget. If production is extremely high, natural rubber may be used because it is cost-effective material and has a long lifespan.

It has been demonstrated that natural rubber can last for close to 50 years without losing its usability. It can also withstand pressure and heat. Rubber mold with special additives that combine hard and soft rubber enables artistans to create incredibly thin, delicate, and filigree pieces without overfilling.

Silicone mold

Compared to rubber molds, this kind of mold has better definition and a longer lifespan. As a material with a higher quality surface finish, silicone makes wax models easier to remove. It can also be vulcanized at room temperature.

Because silicone is more tolerant of variations in injection pressure, some jewelers prefer silicone molds to natural rubber. Since seals can be made tighter, it also results in less flashing. Due to the putty-like texture of silicone, packing a mold is simpler because cutting the rubber to size is not necessary. Silicone is also simpler to cut. Additionally, different silicone rubber hardnesses can be mixed and vulcanized together in a single mold. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they can be cleaned properly and reused repeatedly. Just be careful when washing them out to avoid getting them wet! The simplest method is to just let them air dry in between uses.

Metal mold

It's the most expensive but also most precise and suitable for large production runs. Mold materials that are made in metal offer more accuracy, precision and consistency in the production process. And the final products will have a similar appearance with a high proportion and meet the requirements of output standard. Metal mold can be made of a variety of materials such as graphite, alloy, cast iron,... and each of them will have different features and usages.

At the end of the day

Each type of mold has its own merits and demerits. And we offer many different types of rubber, depending on your specific needs. We will always be available to help you choose which rubber is best suited to your design. The molds will be expertly cut for you by our highly skilled artistans. So if you have any requirements, contact us at Shinera for a further consultation.

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