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Shinera Jewelry Blog is a solutions-oriented manufacturer focused on sharing all knowledge and expertise with customers to be able to source quality goods and provide the best possible shopping experience for Shinera Jewelry Blog users and to make jewelry shine to their best in every environment. To promote the imaginative and enjoyable side of accessorizing, our jewelry blog includes fashion trends, advice, wholesale jewelry, insights, and ideas from top authorities in jewelry marketing, jewelry stock selection, jewelry styling, gift guide, and more.

The expert’s guide to pearls shapes

When it comes to pearls jewelry, most people probably immediately think of rings, necklaces or earrings with many round pearls. But that’s just a basic shape in various different kinds of pearls shapes. Due to the development of technology, pearls are cultured with many unique and eye-catching shape...
Jenny Tuesday 18 October, 2022
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Interestings things about pearls

Pearl jewelry is always favored by many customers because of its elegant, opulent and exquisite beauty. From pearl necklaces, to pearl earrings, to pearl bracelets or rings, pearls are the most well-known among most gems. Although in ancient eras, pearls were declared as symbols of power and nobilit...
Jenny Wednesday 12 October, 2022
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The latest jewelry trends

Jewelry industry has developed extensively and significantly in recent years with a wide range of models, designs and styles. And lots of retailers have interest and intention to start their own jewelry brands. So if you desire to enhance your competencies and approach to potential customers, you sh...
Jenny Friday 07 October, 2022
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What is ODM and OEM in Jewelry manufacturing

You may have come across the phrases OEM and ODM production if you have an idea for a new jewelry product and are seeking for a dependable manufacturer to work with and bring your items to market. Before contacting a jewelry maker, you should be aware of the major contrasts between these two distinc...
Jenny Tuesday 02 August, 2022
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An Ultimate Guideline for Selling Jewelry Online

Having a dream of owning a jewelry brand, but don't know how to start? Or, maybe you have a jewelry brand, but selling online feels like an impossible task? Well, we've got you covered! This is your ultimate guideline for selling jewelry online! The global accessories market is worth around $414 b...
Jenny Monday 01 August, 2022
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