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Earrings are a fantastic way to enhance the beauty and flair of any outfit. However, jewelry lovers have various preferences since each earring's designs possess different styles and appearances. Have all of the jewelers already known prominent types of earrings to satisfy your customers? Follow us and you will definitely get what you need to know.

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are a small type of earring that, as the name suggests, is shaped like a stud. Professionals usually use simple studs into newly pierced holes when ears are pierced for the first time. 

Due to its simplicity, it is one of the most popular types of earrings used today and complements a variety of fashion trends. What differs the stud from other earrings in that it does not dangle down. The earring is held in place on the inside of the ear by a detachable back or clutch.


Hoops are traditional round circular shaped jewelry. Numerous hoops may be included in the design. While many people still believe that hoop type of earring is round, they come in an amazing array of variations, such as artful squares, ovals, and triangles. 

Regardless of shapes, hoop earrings have a small wire piece that penetrates the ear and connects to the other end of the hoop on the backside of the ear, creating the complete circle.


Huggies are similar in style to hoops, they are large and circular in shape. The size difference is the key variation. Huggies fit tightly on the ear and are wrapped around the earlobe, giving the wearer a smarter look. Huggie earrings sit close to the ear, unlike hoops, which can be graciously sized. 

Huggie earrings, which are typically thicker than hoops, may contain rows of pave diamonds for extra brilliance.

Ear climbers

Commonly referred to as ear pins, ear sweeps, or crawlers, climber earrings are the newest fashion trend for ear jewelry.

Ear climbers are earrings that run up the side of your earlobe. As the name suggests, the earrings begin at the base of the ear and climb upwards toward the top of your ear. Ear climbers are usually designed to reflect this verticality by using shapes such as branches or leaves.

No piercing ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are one of the more exotic and specialized types of earrings. The cuff hugs the ear and can follow the curve all the way to the top, starting from the lobe, or even in the middle of the ear and work their way down. They are placed around various ear structures, such as cartilage ear cuffs that can be pierced directly into the inner or outer conch.

Ear cuffs come in a variety of styles, embrace the lobes, and make you appear alluring. As non-pierced ear accessories, the best thing is, they do not need piercing at all.

A manufacturer that provides various styles of earrings.

Customers can order from Shinera's extensive catalogue of trendy jewelry designs, specially curated by our design and market research team. If jewelry brands already have their own earring designs, provide a sketch/ sample photo/ counter sample, we will evaluate the product's feasibility and durability before sketching it out for your approval. And in the final stage, Shinera will translate your concept into beautiful designs that will be optimized thoughtfully in terms of cost and usability for you.

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